Corona the asymptomatic.

In retrospect of pandemic diseases the year 2020 has superseded  all as Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a disease caused by  Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and it has originated from China,Wuhan,the capital of Hubei . In it’s initial days it was suspected as clump of pneumonia cases which attacks the respiratory organ of the body with the symptoms like cough, fever and in severe cases it results in breathlessness. ( 21,73,432) people have been globally infected with this virus whereas (554786) have been recovered but the mourning bells rang several times more than the recovered rates as the death toll stands at (1,46,291) these numbers are the proof that the condition seems quite incorrigible because in the field of medication we as the most advanced species of the planet are still vacillating as a tyro as it needs  a cavalier treatment and this fact has left people enervated. However, an unpopular martinet is strictly followed by the various administrative bodies of the world because this is the only preventive way for this disease as this virus most probably seems like quite gregarious as humans . Therefore, these unpopular martinet are temporary methods not a permanent solution and keeping the same in mind every individual ought to wash hand with soaps, sanitize hands and keep social distancing of at least six feet . However, the fact that asymptomatic conditions of this disease can only be detected after weeks but it is rightly said ,” prevention is better than cure “ so at this hard hitting time one  should take his responsibility of one selves of keeping safe by following rules because this is the only  wisest thing an intelligent man can do.