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Caverta Caverta 100mg 16 Pills

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Quick Description

Live life fully without the scary Erectile Dysfunction with the powerful Caverta 100mg. 


Product description of Caverta 100mg 


Caverta 100mg Tablet is one of the most effective medications to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) PE (premature ejaculation) and impotence prevalent in men. Essentially the ED is due to the lack of blood being pumped in the gentile are of men. This, in turn, is due to the blockages in the blood carrying vessels. By unblocking or relaxing the blood vessels, men can get an erection to have a normal sexual life. However, sexual stimulation is a must to experience a sufficiently stronger and more prolonged erection. The effect of Caverta shall start within 45 minutes of intake and shall continue for another four or five hours. 

The essential ingredient of the famous Caverta 100mg is Sildenafil Citrate. This chemical molecule is found in the popular Viagra as well. Sildenafil Citrate produces a gas called Nitric Oxide, which is responsible for dilating the blood vessels in the male organ area.  Caverta is not a shield against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc. Also, this is not an Aphrodite. This is a prescription drug. Your doctor will assess all your medical conditions and present a medication regime before suggesting a correct dose. The dosage has to be adhered to strictly. 

With all the advantages Caverta 100mg has, there are some shortcomings by way of side effects; the side effects more or less are temporary and mild. But once in a while, they would turn out to be severe and fatal. In such cases, seeking immediate medical assistance is a must. The medicine is meant for adult males 16 years to 65 years, and ladies should keep away from consuming this medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.  Caverta is only to treat ED caused by physical factors and not psychological. Also, if the problem is due to deformity, treatment, or surgery is needed. 


 Uses of Caverta 100mg – 


Caverta 100mg Tablet is to be taken, preferably, or as advised by your physician.  Usually, depending on your metabolism, the action should commence within 45 minutes of intake. Only when you are sexually stimulated, an erection will take place. 

  • • The dosage of Remedy should be adhered to very strictly. 

  • • The dosage should be limited to one per day, 

  • the Caverta tablet belongs to the family of medicine called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. 

  • • You may stop the medicine immediately on attaining the desired result and not continue to form an addiction. 


 Working of Caverta 100mg tabs – 


Caverta 100mg Tablet is a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitor. This facilitates increasing the blood flow to the male organ. Necessarily the process is initiated by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels in the male organ region. Production of Nitric Oxide is the principal function of this medicine. 

  • • Once the blood flow is unblocked, sufficient blood flows to the male organ. This, in turn, helps to have an erection. 

  • • Sexual stimulation is a must; however, to make this election to take place. 

  • • People with a deformity or chronic illness should avoid taking Caverta 100mg tablets. 

  • • Once sexually stimulated, the PDE5 will also send signals to the brain through the neurotransmitters. 


Storage of Caverta 100mg containing Sildenafil Citrate  


Storing Caverta in average room temperature is sufficient. No need for refrigeration or air-conditioning to store this medicine; keeping this male-only medicine away from children and pets is a must. Disposal of medicine after expiry should be done with care. It would be better if you kept an eye on the expiry date of the medication always. 

  • • Mixing of different medicine together is not advisable as the resulting chemical reaction may hamper the quality. 

  • • This is not meant for women unless prescribed by the doctor. 

  • • The medicine should not be exposed to extreme heat, temperature, or light. 

  • • Mixing and swapping medicines is not allowed. 

  • Keeping the medicine in the bathroom is not advisable because of dampness. 


 Precaution to be taken when using Caverta 


Caverta 100mg Tablet may decrease the user’s alertness to a very great extent. Hence undertaking jobs that call for concentration as well as driving should be avoided. This medicine can cause a problem in vision and may make you drowsy and dizzy. This is a need-based medicine and intended only for men. 

  • • Avoid consumption of alcohol or smoking. 

  • • Caverta may trigger side effects such as dizziness, fainting, or fatigue. 

  • • Those with the ailment in the heart, lungs, or kidney should avoid taking these medicines. 

  • • This medicine can cause blood pressure variations. 

  • Without sexual stimulation, this medicine shall not be effective in giving an erection. 


Side effects that may arise while on this medication  


Caverta may cause side effects. Mostly these side effects are temporary and will vanish in due course. However, there could be some side effects that can linger longer and become fatal. In such cases, you should stop using the medicine henceforth and should seek medical assistance at once. Some of the significant side effects are given as follows. 

  • • Flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck, and trunk), headache, dizziness, blurred vision, hearing impairment. 

  • • Muscle pain, stomach, upset, and rash. 

  • • Nosebleeds, Stiffness, Blurred vision, Muscle pain 

  • Heaviness, light headiness, dizziness, disorientation, lack of concentration.


 Safety measures to be taken while on this medication – 


The usage of Caverta should be with the utmost care. Adhering to the dosage prescribed is of paramount importance. In the event of any severe side effects, you may seek medical assistance without any delay whatsoever. Some medicines you are already using may react or interfere with Caverta. Your doctor is the right source to get this assessed. 

  • • You may take Caverta 100mg tablet only when prescribed for ED (erectile dysfunction) (impotence) or inability to perform sexual activity. 

  • • You are recommended not to eat a heavy meal along with Caverta as it decreases medicine efficiency. 

  • • You should allow enough time for the medicine to react. It would be best if you avoided intoxicants. 

  • • In case one feels sudden blurry vision or dizziness after taking this medicine, he should lie down and do not force to get up instantly.

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