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Aurogra Aurogra 100mg 20 Pills

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Quick Description

Aurogra 100mg helps the man to get what he lacks –self-esteem due to Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation or impotence. 


Product description of Aurogra 100mg – 


The erection deficiency (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), or impotence is there for ages, however now these problems are on the rise due to climate change, active life, and technological advancement, etc. The question of sexual non-fulfilment leads to unhappy males and their unsatisfied partners, resulting in broken relationships and families. However, here is a silver lining to this perennial problem by way of Aurogra 100mg.  The medicine Aurora 100 mg, manufactured by Aurochem, helps the males to have an erection and help to maintain it sufficiently long to give the ultimate satisfaction. Millions and millions find relief in this medicine. 

Aurogra 100mg has a unique ingredient drug known as a PDE5 inhibitor (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors). The introduction of PDE5 inhibitors proved to be a significant breakthrough in overcoming the Erectile Dysfunction in men. The Sildenafil Citrate is a first-ever PDE5 inhibitor made available to the world. Once sexually aroused or stimulated, Nitric Oxide is released in the genital area of the person. This gas, in turn, helps to release a molecule cGMP, which causes dilation of blood vessels. This dilation causes an increased flow of blood and, as a result a stronger erection. If eth problem is due to medical deformity, surgery or a proper treatment is called for. 

However, kindly note that the PDE5 inhibitors contained in Aurogra 100mg Aurochem is not absolutely problem-free. There are a few side effects associated with this medicine. Also, this medicine can react with other medicines especially those which produce Nitrates. It is advisable to have a doctor’s prescription before starting the Aurochem regime. Your doctor will assess the diseases you may have and the reaction with the medicines you take. Those with ailments of Heart, Liver, kidney, or lungs should not use this medicine. This is a male-only medicine, and hence children and women should not use this medicine. 


Uses of Aurogra 100mg by Aurochem 


Aurogra 100mg is a proven medicine to overcome ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), or impotence. Essentially Aurogra by Aurochem 100mg helps the blood flow in the genital area insufficient quality to have a stronger and longer erection. 

  • • Sexual stimulation is a prerequisite for Aurogra 100mg from Aurochem to act. Without sexual stimulation, this medicine will not work. 

  • • If taken as per the dosage prescribed by the doctor, medicine shall start acting within 30 minutes of intake. The action will last for four to five hours. 

  • • As the person gets an erection, he and his partner are satisfied. •This in turn mends lot of broken relationships and families. 

  • • Males between 16 and 65 years should strictly restrict use of the medicine. Women and children should avoid taking this medicine.


Working of Medicine made by Aurochem- 


Aurogra by Aurochem 100mg has a unique property to combat the ED (erectile dysfunction) problem quite efficiently… The erection is attributed to the release of the cGMP chemical by the Aurogra 100mg 10 mg. If the problem is psychological, this medicine will not help. A proper counselling is required in that case. The medication being generic variation of the famous Viagra containing Sildenafil Citrate took the world by storm. 

  • • Once sexually stimulated, Aurogra 100mg gets dissolved into the bloodstream. This enhanced blood flow help to attain an erection. 

  • • The clearance of the blocked artery is crucial in having an erection. 

  • • The dosage of the medicine may vary from person to person due to the variation on the metabolism. 

  • • This medicine should be taken on a need-based way. One should stop taking the medicine as soon as a result is attained; never allow the drug to get addicted to it. 


Storage for Aurogra by Aurochem 


The storage of Aurogra 100mg is not at all complicated. No costly arrangements like air conditioning or refrigeration are required as well. 

  • • Avoid extreme heat, dampness, or pressure. 

  • • Exposure to extreme light is also not good. 

  • • Children and pets should not have access to medicine. 

  • • Never swap medicines even if the symptoms are identical.it is advisable to keep the drug in the original container. Never store in a bathroom. 

  • • Never mix medicines, as this may lead to chemical reactions. 

  • • You may choose a dry and cool place to store the medicine.


Precaution while taking this Medicine Containing Sildenafil Citrate – 


Aurogra 100mg containing Sildenafil Citrate is to be used with caution. A prescription from a doctor is better. The dosage has to be strictly followed. 

  • • Never continue using this medicine after the result is attained lest there will be a tendency of habit formation. 

  • • This is not an Aphrodite. Nor is this a protection/ shield against sexually transmitted disease. Use of a latex condom is ideal. 

  • • This medicine is not meant to be used by women. 

  • • Never exceed the dosage. Aurogra 100mg does not solve the psychological problem nor cure physical deformity. 

  • • Those with chronic diseases of heart, lungs, liver, etc. should avoid taking this medicine. 


Side effects for these Aurogra by Aurochem 


Aurogra 100mg may produce specific side effects, while some of eth side effects could be temporary and mild; in certain cases this may be serious and fatal. In case of a serious problem, seeking immediate medical assistance is a must. The following are the major side effects. 

  • Headaches, stomach upset, Nausea. 

  • • Dizziness, Flushing, Muscular pain. 

  • • Abnormal/ blurred vision, Runny or blocked nose. 

  • • Flushing, Dyspepsia. 

  • • Variation in blood pressure. 


 Safety measures – 


Aurogra 100mg is to be taken orally and never inject the same.  The medication is recommended for use in men with erections problems. It is advisable to get the medicine from reputed pharmacies only. Avoiding fatty or oily food may be better. Using other drugs may create a reaction. 

  • • Aurogra 100mg is also known as generic Viagra manufactured by Aurochem. 

  • • Only matured males between the age bracket of 16 and 65 should be the users, 

  • • The dosage is to be followed strictly. A sexual stimulation should be there for this medicine to produce an erection. 

  • • Usage of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs should be avoided along with Aurogra 100mg. 

  • • Avoid the medicine may cause jobs requiring concentration or driving as a sort of hallucination and disorientation.

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